Key Features

What sets The Link App apart

Ease of use

Simple to navigate, with categorised notifications and contact options.

Real time communication

The ultimate time-saving communication tool for both law firms and clients.


Communications between the client and the firm (via our servers) are encrypted, and clients can only access their own case via their unique login details.

Multiple platforms

Works across Apple (iOS) and Android, both tablet and mobile – easy access whenever and wherever you need it, 24/7.

Push notifications

Allows clients to be updated in an instant, straight to their phone.

Request a callback

Allows clients to request contact, attaching a level of urgency through a ‘traffic light’ queuing system.

Why The Link App is essential to your firm

The Link App is the ultimate tool for busy law firms looking to thrive in an increasingly competitive market, improve customer service, save time and money, and increase productivity.

Designed by Lauren Riley – family law solicitor and entrepreneur – the app has, initially, been created for those working across private client sectors. The pre-populated notifications are currently available for Property, Wills, Probate, Family, Personal Injury and Litigation but any legal sector can use our technology sending custom notifications.

Ultimately, The Link App serves to increase productivity across the working day, by keeping clients ‘in the loop’ without the need for back and forth communication, freeing up valuable time.

Want more reasons as to why The Link App is essential to your firm?

  • Keeps clients up to date with the progress of their case, reducing the need for constant phone calls, emails, and letters – saves firms both time and money.
  • Allows both solicitors and clients 24/7 access to essential case information, within a secure environment.
  • All interactions are automatically recorded, as they happen, no need to write a file note.
  • Completely free to use, for clients.
  • Minimal costs, minimal risk – you only pay for the app when clients use it.
  • The ideal marketing tool, in an increasingly competitive and consumer-driven market – a reason to use your firm over another.

For Law Firms

So, how does The Link App work for your firm?

It’s quick, easy, and efficient – ideal for busy law firms, and designed as a stand-alone or integrated system so you can use us no matter what your technology set up is.

Once logged in, you’ll find all your clients listed alphabetically and can begin to see how The Link App will improve your client management and the efficient running of your files.

You can update your client on their case quickly, using our pre-populated list of standard case updates, or tailoring a message to suit your needs.

In turn, clients can use the ‘request a call back’ feature, prioritising calls in terms of urgency. This allows you to speak to them at a convenient time, when you are completely focused on their case, maximising the value of time spent on the phone. Not only this, but cases can be accessed securely at any time of day, across desktop, phone, or tablet.

Ultimately, your firm saves both time and money, making it easier to operate in a highly competitive market. Your clients will have an exceptional customer experience, so why not stand out from the crowd and start using The Link App today?

For Law Firms’ Clients

So how does The Link App work for your clients?

Firstly, they can download and use the app completely free of charge. We‘ll send them an email, with simple instructions on how to do this.

Once they’re up and running, you can then send them updates, at key points during their case or transaction; reducing the need to keep chasing you and easing any worries they may have about progress.

Not only that, but:

● The Link App is completely secure: clients will only ever be able to see their own cases, and the app automatically locks them out as soon as they leave it.

● The Link App is available on Apple (iOS) and Android platform, for mobile and tablet devices, so clients can access it anytime, anywhere.

● Should they need it, clients can ‘request a callback’, letting you know how urgent their query is, and there is the option to use the ‘contact us’ feature and call or email you directly, via the app.

● The Link App acts as a time-saving device for both you and your client, reducing costs to both parties.

''One great thing about The Link app is that it has actually been a selling point. It is easy to use and customers are impressed. We now use this technology to sell our services. The Link App can be used by fee earners and support staff alike. It is easy for support staff to see where the case is up to and send notifications without disturbing the fee earner. It is much quicker than calling and the message is recorded for all to see. The Link App has been a great selling point with our customers who recognise the potential to save time, costs and inconvenience. We have found The Link App has increased our ability to communicate with our clients in real-time and reduced costs on both sides. The biggest gain has been the unproductive hours saved per case from reduced inbound queries.''

Tony Crocker, Managing Partner
IWC Probate Services

''The reaction from clients has been positive. It is easy to use and clients have easily been able to register and setup. We regularly hear - oh that’s good isn’t it . Clients were really receptive and really liked the idea of having an app to receive communications. We like the fact that you can tell when clients have read the message we send, it is extra is helpful. For example, when we change their appointments.''

Tracy Winstanley, Director
Heaney Watson

''What we like most about The Link App is its ease of function, it sets out to be a straight forward system and it is! We see it as a business advantage. It is a good use of technology which ties in very well with our aims as a business. We see the benefits to clients of having it. They are able to instantly access an up to date position in respect of their case. Everyone in our firm is positive about it and excited by it. It is not often they are given a work tool and they get excited by it.''

Scott Whyte, CEO
Watermans Claims

What We Offer

three things we give you, always

A unique product

There is nothing else out there on the market, for law firms, like The Link App – an app designed specifically to save firms both time and money.

Exceptional customer service

The Link App was designed for solicitors, by a solicitor. We know what firms need and want, and are committed to giving them the best possible service.

Complete technical support

We have a fantastic team of technical experts who can be easily contacted, by phone or email, and are able to offer support and deal with any queries you may have, quickly and efficiently.


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